Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Josh Lawrence 1985 – 2007

From the Parish News – June 2007

Josh Lawrence aged 22 yrs, died after a motorcycle accident on May 3rd on Low Road Denton while on his way to work at 7.30 am.

The younger Son of Zoe and Alan Lawrence and brother to Leroy, Joshua lived at home with his mother and father where they all shared a very loving relationship.

His funeral took place in Denton Chapel on Friday May 18th. A large congregation including many of his young friends filled the Chapel where the Rev. Bruce Waldron conducted a very moving service. A tribute was read by Emma Rush, and Bruce read a very moving eulogy written by his mother Zoe. This told of the very loving relationship and deep friendship within the family, where his sense of humour, his smile, mischievousness and energy has left an irreplaceable void in their lives. "He was a best friend to all of us, and would always try his hardest to help us through problems and cheer us up if we were sad. So if for no other reason than this we now have to rebuild our lives without him".

Zoe told of his passion for nature and spirit of adventure, his love of making camps in secret locations round the village, which led to more ambitious camping expeditions all over Norfolk with his brother and mates. One memorable trip with his friends Gary and Gary's brother Nick was to Scotland, walking and camping in the wilds, eventually reaching the top of Ben Nevis. The death of his particular friend Gary last September left a gigantic void in his life, and some of Gary's ashes were tucked in the coffin beside him, "So that they will be together now".

Josh attended Alburgh with Denton, Canon Pickering and Archbishop Sancroft High schools. He worked for a while at the Otter Trust where his love for animals came to the fore with the otters, the deer and the donkey, but he also had a special regard for the ladies in the tea room. More recently he worked at Diss Garden Centre where his love for nature could still be expressed. While still at quite a young age he would shock visitors when they spotted a Tarantula crawling over his hands, these he kept together with pet rats and for a while a snake which shortened its stay when it bit his finger and refused to let go, that found itself back in the pet shop awaiting some other unsuspecting animal lover for its prey. This love of nature and the outdoor life was evident in almost everything he did, camping, gardening with Alan, canoeing and swimming in the river Waveney. He also enjoyed Karate and other martial arts which all added to his concern for his bodily fitness. Josh had a very warm relationship with his brother Leroy who described him as his best friend, they spent many hours together having a drink, listening to music, reading magazines or outside tinkering with cars or bikes. Other friends like Gavin and Bob and Liam were always welcomed to their home and expressed a very warm friendship.

After the committal, in order to show his love of the outdoor life, a bonfire was lit by Leroy; as the flames were watched by the many mourners memories flooded through their minds. Zoe's words; "For me his memory will be in every warm breeze, every sweet smell, every cheery bird song and every ray of sunshine. Even the cold and rain hold his beauty. We are so grateful for the twenty-two and a half years we had him in our lives."

Our sympathy and condolences are extended to Zoe, Alan and Leroy, and his many close friends.

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