Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Ronald William George Cork 1924 – 2005

From the Parish News – January 2006

Ron Cork was born in Plumstead, South East London into his loving family of parents Kate and Dave and elder sister Maud.

The '20s and '30s were a struggle for most people, but both Ron and Maud were to spend their childhood summer holidays on their grandfathers small holding in Dickleburgh, and so began the love of animals and the countryside. After the death of their grandfather in 1936 the family moved to the borders of Kent/London at Bexleyheath where Brian was born in 1938.

Both Ron and Maud left school and went into service at the Royal Arsenal Woolwich and when he was 16 both he and his sister sheltering in a bunker during many, many raids nightly were for a short period buried by a direct hit.

Ron decided that Woolwich and Plumstead were dangerous places to be so he enlisted in the Royal Marines serving in Malta, where he was bombed all over again, the Italy campaign and later Palestine.

Like many young men he was unable to settle back easily into civilian life, but his love of sport, football mainly, was to see him, together with Brian, throw himself into running a local football club.

Ron suffered his first heart attack back in 1978 and stayed at home after recovery to look after an increasingly house-bound mother and father. After their deaths in 1981 Ron and Brian decided to move to Norfolk and Denton was ideal.

For over 22 years Ron enjoyed the peace and quiet, the countryside and his animals, and although suffering pain over the last few months, kept up his football and sport.

Sister Maud came down to Wortwell for 7 years before returning to the Kent border to be closer to her children. Regretfully she died a few days before the New Millennium in 1999.

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