Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

The Year of the Virus

Who could have anticipated, back in February, as we all enjoyed this year's DVC production, "Jack and the Beanstalk", what was going to hit us in March and have such a dramatic impact on our lives for the rest of the year?

The impact on community life was just shattering. Virtually all opportunities for social activity, via the various clubs etc., disappeared and, perhaps worst of all, Friday Nights at the Village Hall Bar were no more. Zoom meetings were a very poor substitute for face to face gatherings.
Even the Gardening Show had to be abandoned, though Ronnie Phillips' Tomato Competition in August did provide the gardeners with something to occupy them.
During the more relaxed period in the summer the Bar did actually open a couple of times, but with various restrictions in place. However, the introduction of, first a second lockdown, followed by the tiering system, soon put paid to all such activity. Perhaps the only relief towards Christmas were the display of Festive Lighting and Father Christmas's tour of the village towed by a Landrover.

One aspect of the whole affair, which should not go un-recorded, was the way the community rallied round, in typical Denton fashion, to make sure that anyone in need was looked after. This included formal links and information sources, provided via this website, but also the usual Denton informal "good neighbour" system.
It made the whole experience a little bit less depressing.

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