Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Lost then Found

Twenty years ago Denton celebrated the Millennium with the creation of our own Millennium Wood. One of the by-products was the creation of links with the City of Denton Texas. This included a visit to Denton, Norfolk by the City Mayor.

In 2020 this link was re-established by a request from the City Archivist for a picture of the plaque erected in the Wood all those years ago to record our trans-Atlantic union. The only problem was - the plaque had disappeared!

However, the response to a message circulated on DentonTalk soon came to the rescue. The post supporting the plaque had fallen over and it was safe and sound in a resident's garage. Refurbishment and re-erection were soon under way.

Further details and pictures can be found in a December News item - "News from Texas".

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