Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Church Restoration

During 2017 a major project to restore the Parish Church, St Mary's, was completed.
In 2016 the Parochial Church Council had announced that St Mary’s had been awarded a grant of £249,400 for urgent repairs by the Heritage Lottery Fund towards the estimated total project cost of £301,905. Detailed planning followed with assessments, surveys etc. In March 2017 work commenced.

INTERNALLY, the extensive works involved:

  • The removal of all the pews and a complete replacement of all the timbers underneath which are very rotten and beetle damaged,
  • Replacing all the floorboards and replacement of the original oak pews,
  • The removal and repair of the stained glass South aisle west window,
  • Internal plaster repairs,
  • Masonry repairs to the beautiful 15th century vaulted porch and a new Parvis handrail.

EXTERNALLY, the works included:

  • A complete new underground drainage system around the church,
  • All new rainwater pipework and guttering,
  • The replacement of the North and South aisles roof's lead sheet with Terne coated Stainless steel,
  • Repairs to Aisles, Chancel and Tower buttresses masonry and other tower repairs,
  • Asphalting the porch roof,
  • Painting the clock faces.

    All the work was completed in time for the Angel Festival which was held in the church in December.

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