Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

The Non-Election Election

Elections for the seven members of Denton Parish Council come up in May every four years. They normally coincide with the election of our representative on South Norfolk District Council but this year the General Election was called on the same day as well so, with three campaigns running in parallel, election fever was in the air.

Except, at least as far as the PC election was concerned, it was not. Despite lots of advance notice and appeals for candidates to come forward: on this website, in the Parish Magazine and via Dentontalk, just five nominations were received for the seven places.

In this situation it was up to the five councillors who had been "returned unopposed" to co-opt two people to fill the vacant positions. Again, there was hardly a rush of volunteers but eventually, after a bit of arm-twisting, two people were found.

One, Kay Wiltshire, was appointed at the August meeting but it was not until the November meeting that Peter Grant filled the second vacancy. The thanks of the community to them and the other members of the Council should be recorded.

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