Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Denton Parish Council

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Tuesday 10th May 2022.

at 7.00pm at Denton Village Hall

Parish Councillors Present: Terry Hanner, Christine Kerr, Melissa Bunn, Ken Ashton, Robert Fearnley, Stephen Barrett, Helen Sida-Page.
Also Present: Jackie Ellis (Clerk), 17 members of the public, Chris Brown, District Councillor.

1. Welcome by Terry Hanner, Chairman.

2. Apologies

3. Village Club Reports
Our guest speaker was Reverend Bruno Boldrini who spoke about his life. Thanks was given to Bruno for a very interesting talk.

Chairman's Report
Terry Hanner spoke about holding zoom meetings – we held 6 during covid before we resumed in the village hall last year.
He gave thanks to Melissa Bunn for organising the 1m trees for Norfolk and organising the tree planting. He also thanked everyone who helped with the planting.
Thank you to Robert Fearnley and others for clearing the allotment area.
The fence on roadside was bought with grant money from Chris Brown, District Councillor and has now been erected.
We have also bought 3 new litter bins.
All has been quiet on the planning front.
Norse stopped cutting the playing field in 2020 and we now have Levi Farrow to cut the grass.
We bought a bench from the composting money, Robert Fearnley installed this so thanks to him.
Thanks to Helen Side Page for organising the Jubilee celebrations. There are lots of things planned. Also thanks to Helen for sponsoring the defibrillator.
Terry finished by giving thanks to the clerk and all the parish councillors.

Chris Brown, District Councillor emailed in the attached report. As Chris was in attendance tonight, arriving at 7.45pm, he talked us through his report.

Barry Stone, County Councillor (absent) emailed in the attached report.

Denton Garden Club - Report attached.

Art Club - Report attached.

Denton W.I. is going strong with 29 members from surrounding villages. They have just celebrated their 100 years anniversary with a party being held next month. They will be reading the original minutes from the first meeting which was at the chapel. They are planning on planting a tree in the chapel grounds in the autumn.

Church - Report attached.

Village Hall & Bar
Terry Hanner reported that they received £27,000 Covid grants from South Norfolk. The new bar and toilets were completed early 2020. The outside of the hall was painted last year.
Tuesday dinner and Friday night food has restarted. Pizza van the second Friday of the month.
All events now back.
Bar now back to normal and is well attended.

Village Magazine
Jason, the new editor of magazine spoke about the new style magazine. He asked if Denton parish council would consider sponsoring the cost of one months publication. He has also asked Alburgh parish council the same. This would give the opportunity to get the magazine to every household in Alburgh and Denton without having to charge people. He will put a formal request in.

Variety Club
Helen Sida Page spoke about how the club put on Jack and the Beanstalk and then lock down happened. Their 40th anniversary is in 2022. They will be performing on Friday of the jubilee weekend with songs and sketches. Rising Stars will start again. They have replaced lights with energy performance lights. Helen gave thanks for everyone’s support.

4. Any Other Business
Update on highway matters in Denton:
Last year, members of the parish council were contacted by parishioners, regarding:

Whilst it is not within the PC’s ability to enforce speeding limits, this being the remit of the local police constabularies, nor is it with the PC’s power to assess appropriate speeding limits or verge side obstacles, this being the responsibility of Norfolk Highways, we felt it was appropriate to contact the various authorities.
We contacted the local constabulary and provided speed data from recording apparatus located within the village and contacted Gary Overland of Norfolk County Council Highways. At a meeting with members of the PC he agreed that there was scope for reducing the speed to 40mph in the Upland Terrace area, but that all other areas of the village, under their current criteria, would remain the same.
Gary Overland also confirmed that he was in communication with one property owner with a larger than normal obstruction on their verge/driveway.
Gary Overland also assessed the flooding risk at the bottom of Trunch Hill and promised that dredging/clearance works would be undertaken to alleviate the pressure on water escape during heavy rain. He further mentioned that some of the older speed limit signage within the village would be replaced.
A resident requested whether we could get another bench or two in the village.

5. Close of Meeting
Terry Hanner thanked everyone for attending and closed the meeting at 8.00pm.

NB – Full copies of all reports are available from the clerk on request.

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