Denton a village in South Norfolk, England

Monday Friendly Club

This Club is currently inactive.

The Monday Friendly club is a social club for anyone in Denton who enjoys meeting up for activities, refreshments and a chat with friends. We meet on the second Monday of every month at the Village Hall at 2.30 pm, although we also go on trips out on other days as well.

It is a new club, formed in the late summer of 2008, and so far our outings have included: a private guided tour of Earsham Hall with slap up tea afterwards, a visit to Blooms of Bressingham for shopping and lunch, matinee cinema at the Fisher Theatre and a Christmas Lunch at Earsham Hall.

When we meet in the hall, we play indoor bowls (with a range of skills from dire to really good), have fun quizzes, run a bring and buy sale to raise funds for outings, drink tea/coffee, eat biscuits, catch up on gossip and plan further outings. Other activities are planned for the winter like watching local history DVDs, board games plus more bowls, darts and other games.

It is called the Monday Friendly club because Denton used to have a club called the Friendly Club, run along similar lines, some years ago. It was decided to keep the Friendly name as it describes the reason for being but update it with the day of the meeting — Monday!

Anybody can join us and be sure of a warm welcome so put the 2nd Monday in the month in your diary and come along at 2.30 pm to Denton Village Hall.

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Following a talk on exercise by a visiting speaker the Club has helped to establish regular EXTEND sessions in the village.

Conducted by a qualified trainer, sessions are normally held in the village hall on alternate Tuesdays starting at 10.30 a.m. The sessions are especially designed for the over 60s and anyone with physical issues to increase suppleness, balance and strength so we can enjoy being well and active for longer.

EXTEND consists of sessions of gentle exercise to music. Do not be put off by the words ‘exercise class’, the sessions are easy (no lying on the floor) but extremely beneficial and really good fun with varied music to suit all tastes.

The cost is about £2.50 per session, depending on numbers, i.e. more than 10 and the cost will go down. If less than 10 each person may need to pay a little more.

Everyone is welcome but please contact Jane Christian, see above, if coming for the first time to check time and date. Wear loose comfy clothing and soft shoes.